Hello, sweet spirits! This new episode is action packed! My partner in this podcast endeavor, Warren Hicks, lets me ask him a bunch of questions. He tells us about his new show and bravely talks about personal aspects of his life.  I'm honored that he talked to me and that we're navigating DYLTM together. He has a tremendous show called e1ev1n installed at VAE Raleigh, which runs until April 8th. It’s a conceptual self-portrait told through iPhone screenshots. Make sure you check it out. 

We also have a segment with Joy Meyer and Sydney Steen from Subverbal Collective.  Let's find out more about this group of artists who met each other through the MFA program at UNC Chapel Hill and have bonded together to support one another and to coordinate interesting group shows. Enjoy!

e1ev1n, the CUBE at VAE Raleigh. Feb 22 - April 8, 2017


Downsizing, stuffed bear, shovel, duct tape 

Mad Dash #8, ink on paper, 6x6 in.

These Still Exist, photography

The Shadow Knows #3, photography